Belleville, New Jersey

The Township of Belleville, dubbed the Cherry Blossom Capital of America for its annual display (larger than that of Washington, D.C.'s tidal basin), is located in Essex County. Famed home of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, Belleville is also noted for the Clara Maass Medical Center and as a 1996 host to the Olympic Torch relay. Belleville residents are a mix of families and small-business owners with a variety of legal planning needs. As your Belleville lawyer, Samuel C. Berger, PC has the legal acumen you seek.

Business and Corporate Law

Belleville is host to a variety of corporate, industrial, and commercial interests. With its proximity to metropolitan areas and its various attractions, including the annual Cherry Blossom display, Belleville sits primed for growth. Entrepreneurs as well as established business owners may seek legal counsel when selling, buying, expanding, or consolidating. Whether you are just starting out or already own a business, lawyer Samuel C. Berger possesses the expertise required to help you navigate business and corporate law. With over 25 years of experience in business and corporate law, residents of Belleville can trust that Berger Law is prepared to assist you in drafting shareholder agreements, partnership contracts, employee agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure contracts, and licensing agreements. Berger Law can also help Belleville residents with incorporation for businesses, ABC licenses/liquor licenses, contract reviews, planning a board application, buying, selling, or transferring a business, changing business ownership, or changing a business name or address. Samuel C. Berger is well-versed in litigation as well, and will skillfully represent you in commercial disputes, partnership shareholder disputes, contract negotiations, and corporate and LLC representations.

Real Estate Law

Citizens of Belleville know that real estate law is subject to change, as evidenced by the changes regarding the Rent Leveling Board. It is difficult to stay on top of all of the changes in the law for consumers just looking to buy or sell property, and even for established business owners experienced in the real estate market. Instead, it is important to establish a relationship with a lawyer you can trust to help keep your best interests at heart. Let Samuel C. Berger, PC take care of all your real estate needs, whether you are a landlord, tenant, or prospective buyer or seller. Contact the Law Office of Samuel C. Berger for assistance with things like lease or termination agreements and releases for residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Berger Law can also levy substantial real estate experience to represent or assist you in buying, selling, or transferring a property, as well as buying or selling mortgages.

Employment and Immigration Law

Belleville employers seeking to grow their businesses may also be seeking to diversify their talent pool. This sometimes means that the best person for the job requires a visa. Samuel C. Berger, Attorney at Law, is equipped to handle immigration matters that relate to employee visas and other non-visa employment matters. In addition, Belleville citizens may have personal immigration matters to attend to, such as sponsoring a family member for a visa or tending to your own immigration status or that of your spouse. Lawyer Samuel C. Berger has an array of experience with immigration law. He is ready to help you and your family with a variety of immigration needs. Berger Law helps immigrants by helping to secure green cards, permanent residency, family-based visas, Form I-130, Form I-129, waivers, removal of condition, temporary green cards, adjustment of status, and we can help represent you or a family member in removal or deportation proceedings. Berger Law is also a trusted legal source for employers, as we can provide things like employment-based visas, including EB1, EB2, EB3, and EB5 visas, PERM applications, Department of Labor applications, non-immigrant visas, priority dates, Form I-140, Form I-1485, intra-company visas (such as L-1, L-1A, L-1B), and work visas for your prospective employees such as H-1B, H1B1, and E-3 visas. Berger Law can also help the Belleville community with non-immigration employment law matters, such as termination agreements, non-compete or non-disclosure contracts, and employee agreements.

Estate, Tax Planning, and Divorce Law

Though planning for life's big events is important, it isn't easy to do it alone. Belleville residents deserve a trusted advisor to consult on matters that require long-term legal planning, as well as for short-term legal issues. Let attorney Samuel C. Berger be an advisor to you, your family, and your business on all matters related to estate, tax planning, and divorce law. Contact Samuel C. Berger, PC for all of your related legal needs, including help with or representation for contested wills, seeking or changing power of attorney, creating or modifying trusts, life insurance matters, estate planning, and business succession planning. Berger can represent you through IRS disputes, New Jersey payroll audits, Department of Labor audits, sales tax audits, worker's compensation audits, corporate tax returns, partnership tax returns, or individual tax returns. Samuel C. Berger, PC is well-versed in divorce law needs, and will provide you zealous representation in the event of divorce (contested and non-contested), child support calculations, property settlement agreements, and financial asset evaluation before or during a divorce.

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