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For over a decade, residents of Bergen County have turned to Berger Law for their legal needs. Our focus is on immigration law, business law (e.g., buying and selling business, agreements and contracts), and real estate law.

Bergen County, NJ Business, Immigration and Real Estate Lawyers

Bergen County was established in 1683, and though the origin of the name is a matter of debate, it is believed that the County is named for one of its earliest settlements. Bergen County is the most populous county in the State of New Jersey. Located in the Northeast corner of the state, Bergen County is a 239-square mile of land. As of the 2010 Census, the population was 905,000. The County is part of the New York Metropolitan Area.

The Bergen County court system consists of a number of municipal courts handling traffic court and other minor matters, plus the Bergen County Superior Court which handles more serious offenses. Civil cases are presided over by the following individuals:

  • Honorable Robert Polifroni
  • Honorable Joseph R. Rosa, Jr.
  • Honorable Robert P. Contillo
Business Law

In 2009, Bergen County ranked 16th among the highest income counties in the United States, in terms of per-capita income. Our lawyers can help you with general business matters, including setting up and dissolving business, negotiating and preparing agreements for all types of business combinations, and financing and restructuring transactions. To learn more about legal issues affecting the businesses in Bergen County, visit our firm’s Business Blog.

Immigration Law

The City of Garfield in Bergen County is a magnet for Polish immigrants, with 22.9% of the population identifying themselves as being of Polish ancestry, the third highest concentration in the state. While Polish Americans are the fourth-largest ethnic group in Bergen County, Poland is the second most common place of birth (after South Korea) for foreign-born county residents. Since 1990 an increasing number of immigrants from other countries have entered the region, including people from Mexico, Guatemala, EI Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Ecuador. The diverse backgrounds of the local Latino community are best exemplified in Fairview, where 10% of the overall population hails from Central America, 7% from South America and 9% from other Latin American countries, mainly the Caribbean.

At Berger Law, we can help you with all of your immigration and visa needs. If you or someone you know needs assistance in obtaining permanent status or help in preventing deportation, we know the law and we can help. To learn more about immigration and visa issues affecting individuals living in Bergen County, please visit our firm’s Immigration Blog.

Real Estate Law

Bergen County is an economically and culturally diverse area with a variety of businesses, residential communities and commercial buildings. As of the 2010 census, the population density of the County was 3,868 people per square mile. There were 352,388 housing units at an average density of 1,506 per square mile. Our firm’s real estate practice includes the representation of business owners, individual entrepreneurs, real estate companies, nonprofit organizations and financial institutions, in transactions involving the acquisition, disposition, development, financing and leasing of, and investments in, real estate projects throughout Bergen County.

In addition to helping you with your legal needs, attorney Samuel C Berger is also a Certified Public Accountant, with extensive experience in tax law. To learn more about tax issues affecting individuals in Bergen County, please visit our firm’s Tax Blog.

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