Bergenfield, New Jersey

Whatever your legal needs, The Law Office of Samuel C Berger is here to provide honest and zealous legal counsel and representation. We have several practice areas and focus on client relationships. We are a one-stop advisor for the borough of Bergenfield in Bergen County, New Jersey. We work hard to understand our clients' needs. You will never wait long for a return phone call or an update about your case. We value our Bergenfield clients. Samuel C Berger PC practices in the following areas:

Real Estate

Real Estate is coming back as a wise investment. Experienced legal counsel is essential if you are considering buying or selling land, or buying and selling mortgages. Even if you are not looking to be a real estate mogul, Samuel C Berger Attorney at Law can help you with questions regarding your mortgage or lease. Our services include residential, commercial, and industrial real estate.


If you are looking to immigrate to Bergenfield permanently or just seeking a green card or temporary visa, Attorney Samuel C Berger will help you navigate the complicated maze that is immigration law. We know how stressful beginning a new life can be. We have helped many clients successfully meet their immigration goals.

Family-based immigration services include Forms I-130 and I-129, and Fiancé K-1 visa. If you are an employee or a business with immigration needs, we can help. Our services include visas H-1B, H1B1, E-3, L-1, L-1A, L-1B, EB1 visa, EB2 visa, EB3 visa, EB5 visa, Investor E-2 visa, and non-immigrant visa. We also assist with employment-based permanent applications, Department of Labor applications, PERM audits, priority dates Form I-140 and Form I-485. If you are headed to a court proceeding for immigration violations, removal, or deportation, we will represent you zealously and efficiently.

Business Law

New Jersey Monthly called Bergenfield one of the best places to live in the Garden State. With its cultural diversity and thriving retail and restaurant district along Washington Avenue, Bergenfield is a great place to build a business. Whether you need assistance with getting started or you are ready to sell your business, Lawyer Samuel C Berger provides diligent and experienced counsel and representation.

We can help you incorporate your business, as well as provide the legal counsel to keep it running. We draft necessary documents such as partnership agreements, employee contracts, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, as well as termination and shareholder agreements. We also write custom releases and waivers depending on your business' needs. If you need an attorney to review a contract or help you with negotiations, Berger Law has years of quality experience to help.


The Law Office of Samuel C Berger is here to serve Bergenfield's litigation needs. While most of us try to avoid disputes, we know sometimes they are unavoidable. We can help at all stages of your case. Whether you are in mediation, settlement, or headed to trial, we have a reputation for zealous representation. We can help with non-compete agreement violations, partnership disputes and other commercial controversies. We can also fill your collections needs. If you are in need of a divorce, we can help and provide pre-divorce financial asset evaluations and non-contested child support calculations

Estate and Tax Planning

You have worked hard for your property and family and we help you with strategies to keep more of it. It is important to us that clients have the best estate or business succession plan to suit their needs. We meet with our clients and meticulously draft wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and any other documents required for their specific needs. Berger Law helps Bergenfield protect its assets.

We also assist with tax issues and audits. Everything from individual or corporate tax returns to IRS disputes and appeals, we can help. Some of our other services include worker's compensation audits, sales tax audits, Department of Labor audits and New Jersey payroll audits.

Berger Law posts updates about business, tax, real estate, and immigration law on our blogs at Lawyer Samuel C Berger represents clients in Bergenfield, NJ 07621.