Clifton, New Jersey

A mere eight miles from Newark and ten miles from New York City, it is not surprising that Clifton, in Passaic County, continues to claim its rank as an important city in New Jersey's economic pulse. As Clifton grows, so do the legal needs of its residents and businesses. Berger Law is proud to serve the Clifton community with zeal, confidentiality and utmost professionalism. Our lawyers have deep expertise in a broad spectrum of legal areas, including:

Estate & Tax Planning

No matter where you are in the life cycle—the birth of a child or approaching retirement—Attorney Samuel C Berger is here to help you plan accordingly. Whether you need to write your will, or your business is involved in an IRS audit, our lawyers' deep expertise in a variety of commercial and personal tax and estates matters will see you through your challenges.

This is a sampling of the Estate & Tax Planning matters the Law Office of Samuel C Berger can assist with: Wills, powers of attorney, trusts; Estate planning; Business succession planning; Tax court proceedings; IRS disputes; New Jersey payroll audits; Department of labor audits; Sales tax audits; Worker's compensation audits; Corporate, partnership, and individual tax returns.

Real Estate

Because is it home to life-long residents of New Jersey as well as more recent immigrants, Clifton's real estate market is diverse and ever-evolving. Whether you are a landlord, a tenant, a commercial developer in Clifton, Berger Law can assist you with your real estate law endeavors. Berger Law is equipment to handle all real estate law matters, including landlord-tenant matters; lease disputes; all mortgage issues; the buying and selling or property; and Planning Board applications.


As New Jersey continues to welcome immigrants from all over the world, individuals and businesses have a growing number of questions and concerns regarding work, study and immigration status.

Attorney Samuel C. Berger can handle all types of immigration matters for residents of Clifton, from filing petitions to court proceedings. Our services include, for example: Immigrant visas, permanent residence, Green Card; Waivers, removal of condition, temporary Green Card; Adjustment of status; Court proceedings involving removal, deportation, and immigration violations; employment-based visas such as EB1, EB2, EB3, or EB5; Non-immigrant visas; Investor E-2 visa; Work visas such as H-1B, H-1B1, or E-3; Intra-company visas including L-1, L-1A, L-1B; Fiancé K-1 visa.

We also advise immigrants in Clifton regarding their eligibility to receive public benefits. In the United States, each individual state must decide which benefits to grant its immigrants. In New Jersey, immigrants are typically entitled to receive what the federal law allows. For instance, when it comes to Medicaid, permanent residents in New Jersey can receive assistance starting in their sixth year of holding this status. Some exceptions apply to "qualified aliens" including refugees and asylees.

Business Law

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding an existing one, or shutting your doors, Samuel C Berger, Attorney at Law can serve you at every step of the way.

Starting a business is a dream within reach for more people today than ever before. In the present environment that encourages innovation and experimentation, and where it is possible to obtain funding from an increasing mix of sources, people who never thought of themselves as entrepreneurs are going into business. As always, it is imperative to start a new business on firm legal footing, and to make strategic choices at the outset about what kind of legal entity to set up, how to write organizational documents such as shareholder, LLC membership and partnership agreements, and how to be taxed.

Our business practice is extensive and addresses needs such as: Incorporation; Buying and Selling Business; Contracts, Agreements, and Leases; Shareholder and Partnership Agreements; Employee Agreements and hiring foreign nationals; Non-compete and Nondisclosure agreements; Licensing Agreements; Termination agreements; Releases; Waivers; Amendments; ABC Licenses (alcoholic beverage control); Liqueur licenses buy sell transfer.


The most important advice we give our clients is to plan ahead in order to avoid disputes and litigation, but we understand that there will be times when you or your business will become involved in a proceeding where expert legal counsel is needed. Samuel C Berger PC can handle your mediation, settlement and litigation matters at any stage of the proceeding in any of Clifton's administrative bodies or courts.

We handle mediation, settlement and litigation matters at all stages, including: Commercial Disputes; Court cases collections; Family matters including divorce and non-contested child support calculations ; Financial asset evaluation before during divorce; Property settlement agreements; Non-compete agreement violations; Partnership shareholder disputes.

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