“Connect with Sam Berger” Program

Our law firm’s “Connect with Sam Berger” program brings prospective and existing clients and attorney Sam Berger closer, and offers more intimate connection between the members of our law firm and individuals who seek legal guidance like you . With the increase of electronic communications in our business interactions, the human interface element has become scarce. Sam Berger, as a problem solver, firmly believes that non-electronic and human interaction with lawyers and their clients is paramount for an “intimate” experience. Therefore, our law firm has recently implemented several real “personal” approaches to communications between our clients and attorney Sam Berger. Contact the Law Firm of Samuel C. Berger, PC by e-mail or phone to schedule a personal connection time with Sam Berger:

  • Enjoy your “Coffee with Sam Berger on Monday Nights”
    Benefit from this exclusive one-on-one consultation with attorney Sam Berger as you enjoy your complimentary cup of coffee, tea or your favorite drink at a convenient participating Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts location. This is a tremendous complimentary opportunity to meet with your lawyer and legal counsel for an initial or follow up meeting in a relaxed atmosphere to go over your matter on Monday evenings and you do not have to worry about rushing through peak-time traffic or finding parking. In addition, you will not only have your cake, but eat it too.

  • Consult with Sam Berger in office
    This is another advantage to connect face-to-face at mutually convenient times with attorney Sam Berger in the law offices of Samuel C. Berger, PC. It is a favorable meeting opportunity to review documents, or interact with our legal staff members at the law firm or meet with others from outside of the firm such as an employer or family member.

  • Video Conference with Sam Berger
    At times, a physical personal meeting may not be possible due to long distance or any other reason. Now, you can connect with your lawyer Sam Berger through video conferencing. Video conferencing offers a human interfacing advantage and still keeps the meeting intimate and confidential.

  • Phone Conference with Sam Berger
    You can benefit from our state of the art telephone technology for a quick consultation. We can connect with you and several other participants from different locations into a telephonic conference together to collaborate on legal issues related to you and the participants.