Elizabeth, New Jersey

Steeped in history and forging into the future, Elizabeth, in Union County, is more than ever a vibrant community offering its residents and visitors an exciting array of business and personal opportunities. At Berger Law, we take great pride in our connections to the Elizabeth community. As your Elizabeth lawyer, we can represent you in all of these areas:

Business Law

When Elizabeth was ranked number 1 on the list of "Top 10 Small American Cities of the Future" for its infrastructure in 2013, it became undeniable that this is a city to watch. As Elizabeth prepares itself for increasing foreign direct investment and domestic interest as well, the city's residents and businesses will face a growing number of opportunities and challenges.

More than ever, this is the time to equip yourself with a local lawyer who knows your city and is deeply committed to your community's success. At Berger Law, we specialize is a variety of business law matters, including but not limited to:

  • Incorporation
  • Buying and Selling Business
  • Contracts, Agreements, and Leases
  • Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
  • Employee Agreements and hiring foreign nationals
  • Non-compete and Nondisclosure agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Termination agreements
  • Releases
  • Waivers
  • Amendments
  • ABC Licenses (alcoholic beverage control)
  • Liquor licenses buy sell transfer

You don't have to be IKEA, or the world's biggest Toys-R-Us Kid's World—two Elizabeth landmarks—to be a successful business in your city. However, to be successful you do have to lay the proper foundation for your company. From helping you choose what kind of legal entity to set up, to writing organizational documents such as shareholder, LLC membership and partnership agreements, and deciding how to be taxed, Samuel C Berger PC can advise you every step of the way.


If you are foreign national in Elizabeth, or are an employer working with foreign nationals, you are likely facing a series of choices and decisions regarding your status. Samuel C Berger, Attorney at Law specializes in all immigration matters, from visas to Green Cards to deportation proceedings. We also advise immigrants regarding their eligibility for public benefits, and work with employers on work and intra-company visas.

Real Estate

A thriving city includes a thriving real estate market, which brings with it a string of logistical and legal concerns. Whether you are buying, selling, developing, renting or leasing personal, commercial or industrial property in Elizabeth, Lawyer Samuel C Berger can represent you. Our real estate expertise includes, for example:

  • Planning Board applications
  • Buying and selling
  • Mortgages
  • Lease disputes

We always tell our clients that the best way to avoid litigation involving real estate is to execute the best possible contracts. Also, it is important to remember that here in New Jersey, landlord-tenant disputes that end up in eviction don't necessarily end when the tenant moves out. In New Jersey, when a tenant leaves property behind, the landlord cannot dispose of it without first obtaining a written statement from the tenant, or procuring the execution of a judgment for possession and a warrant for removing the tenant.

Estate & Tax Planning

You may be planning your retirement in Elizabeth and feel ready to write your will, or perhaps you are involved in an IRS audit. Attorney Samuel C. Berger has extensive experience in a variety of commercial and personal tax and estates matters, such as:

  • Wills, powers of attorney, trusts
  • Estate planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Tax court proceedings
  • IRS disputes
  • New Jersey payroll audits
  • Department of labor audits
  • Sales tax audits
  • Worker's compensation audits
  • Corporate, partnership, and individual tax returns

We are pleased to note a recent development affecting the Elizabeth artist community: The US Tax Court has declared that some artists may deduct certain losses on their income tax return even if they are not highly profitable in their enterprise. However, the determination of whether and how this applies to you is heavily factual and highly specific and must be made case-by-case in close consultation with the law.


Even when you do your part and plan well, things don't always go according to plan, and you might find yourself needing representation before one of Elizabeth's administrative bodies or courts. Our lawyers are well equipped to handle your mediation, settlement and litigation matters at any stage of the proceeding.

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Court cases collections
  • Family matters including divorce and non-contested child support calculations
  • Financial asset evaluation before during divorce
  • Property settlement agreements
  • Non-compete agreement violations
  • Partnership shareholder disputes

The Law Office of Samuel C Berger invites you to read our BergerLaw@net blogs to stay up to date on all of the immigration, real estate, business and tax matters that affect your life in Elizabeth, NJ 07201.