Hackensack, New Jersey

Hackensack is a busy and diverse city undergoing major redevelopments downtown. Home to Hackensack University and its accompanying Medical Center, Hackensack's vibrancy is sure to continue to attract growth. As your Hackensack lawyer, Samuel C. Berger, PC possesses the experience necessary to handle a variety of Hackensack's legal needs.

Immigration Law

With its close proximity to New York, Hackensack continues to diversify. Citizens and employers in Hackensack can count on Samuel C. Berger, Attorney at Law for expert legal advice in matters related to immigration law. Those looking to become citizens or wanting to sponsor visas for family members can also come to Berger Law for all their legal needs. In addition, employers searching for an immigration attorney to help with employment visas do not need to look any further. Berger Law assists immigrants by helping to secure green cards, permanent residency, family-based visas, Form I-130, Form I-129, waivers, removal of condition, temporary green cards, adjustment of status, and we can help represent you or a family member in removal or deportation proceedings. Samuel C. Berger, PC is also a trusted legal source for employers, as we can provide things like employment-based visas, including EB1, EB2, EB3, and EB5 visas, PERM applications, Department of Labor applications, non-immigrant visas, priority dates, Form I-140, Form I-1485, intra-company visas (such as L-1, L-1A, L-1B), and work visas for your prospective employees such as H-1B, H1B1, and E-3 visas. Berger Law can also help the Hackensack community with non-immigration employment law matters, such as termination agreements, non-compete or non-disclosure contracts, and employee agreements.

Tax Law

Things happen in life that we don't always plan for, and dealing with the resulting legal issues can be difficult. Attorney Samuel C. Berger can help you or your business get back on track with the IRS. Hackensack residents need someone who will zealously represent their interests at the Bergen County Courthouse and beyond. Samuel C. Berger, PC will fight for you in IRS disputes, and guide you through New Jersey payroll audits, Department of Labor audits, sales tax audits, worker's compensation audits, corporate tax returns, partnership tax returns, or individual tax returns.

Business and Corporate Law

Bergen County and Hackensack are steadily experiencing growth, providing new opportunities for existing and up-and-coming developments. As an attorney with over 25 years of corporate and small business experience, lawyers Samuel C. Berger is prepared to handle any and all challenges related to the often-complicated legal realities of running or starting a business or corporation. Trust that you are in good hands with Berger Law in drafting shareholder agreements, partnership contracts, employee agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure contracts, and licensing agreements. Berger Law can also assist with incorporation for your business, ABC licenses/liquor licenses, contract reviews, planning a board application, buying, selling, or transferring a business, changing business ownership, or changing a business name or address. Additionally, Samuel C. Berger, PC will skillfully represent you in commercial disputes, partnership shareholder disputes, contract negotiations, and corporate and LLC representations.

Real Estate Law

As Bergen County continues to boom with both stalwart communities and new and vibrant transplants looking to settle in proximity to an always-growing metropolis, the housing and commercial real estate market in Hackensack will continue to thrive. When dealing with something as crucial as your home or business, ensuring that every legal loophole is taken care of is a job for professionals. Let Samuel C. Berger, PC put your mind at ease. He has the knowledge of Hackensack and the legal acumen required for all of your real estate law needs. The Law Office of Samuel C. Berger is ready to help you with lease or termination agreements and releases for residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Berger Law can also represent or assist you in buying, selling, or transferring a property, as well as buying or selling mortgages.

Samuel C. Berger, PC has the experience necessary to be your lawyer for all occasions. Visit www.bergerlaw.net blogs for more legal information.

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