Teaneck, New Jersey

Teaneck has been hailed as one of New Jersey's most culturally diverse communities. With easy accessibility on many fronts, including by river, road, and train, Teaneck attracts people from all walks of life. As your Teaneck lawyer, Samuel C. Berger, PC is ready to serve Teaneck's needs in business, corporate, real estate, immigration, and tax law.

Business and Corporate Law

As one of the first New York City suburbs, Teaneck provides unique opportunities at the confluence of business and development. Teaneck's active Chamber of Commerce is a testament to the commitment of the community to promote business growth and to help local businesses become integrated into the Teaneck way of life. As an attorney with over 25 years of corporate and small business experience, lawyer Samuel C. Berger is dedicated to helping Teaneck community members navigate the sometimes complicated world of business and corporate law. Teaneck residents and businesses can rely on Berger Law for drafting shareholder agreements, partnership contracts, employee agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure contracts, and licensing agreements. Berger Law can also help Teaneck residents with incorporation for your business, ABC licenses/liquor licenses, contract reviews, planning a board application, buying, selling, or transferring a business, changing business ownership, or changing a business name or address. Samuel C. Berger can skillfully represent you in commercial disputes, partnership shareholder disputes, contract negotiations, and corporate and LLC representations.

Immigration Law

No one country of origin accounts for the ancestry of Teaneck residents, which comes as no surprise for those familiar with Teaneck's long-established diversity of cultures. Whether you are a business scouting for the perfect person to fill a position or a community member trying to sponsor a visa for a family member, Samuel C. Berger, Attorney at Law can offer expert legal advice on immigration law. Teaneck residents wanting to become citizens can also come to Berger Law for advice and assistance. Samuel C. Berger, PC is more than ready to provide legal counsel helping to secure green cards, permanent residency, family-based visas, Form I-130, Form I-129, waivers, removal of condition, temporary green cards, adjustment of status, and can help represent you or a family member in removal or deportation proceedings. Employers can look to Berger law for employment-based visas, including EB1, EB2, EB3, and EB5 visas, PERM applications, Department of Labor applications, non-immigrant visas, priority dates, Form I-140, Form I-1485, intra-company visas (such as L-1, L-1A, L-1B), and work visas for your prospective employees such as H-1B, H1B1, and E-3 visas. The Law Offices of Samuel C. Berger, PC can also help the Teaneck community with non-immigration employment law matters, such as termination agreements, non-compete or non-disclosure contracts, and employee agreements.

Tax Law

Taxes are complicated for both individuals and business entities, and tax problems can crop up for those across the income spectrum. A complicated tax system is intimidating, but proper legal counsel can leave you worry-free during tax season. Attorney Samuel C. Berger can help you navigate the murky waters of things such as IRS disputes, New Jersey payroll audits, Department of Labor audits, sales tax audits, worker's compensation audits, corporate tax returns, partnership tax returns, or individual tax returns.

Real Estate Law

Though Teaneck provides several opportunities for commercial real estate, it also contains a number of historic homes. Several homes in Teaneck are from the period subsequent to the American Revolutionary War and many are on the National Register of Historic Places. Whether you are selling your historic colonial home, expanding your modern business, or simply moving within Bergen County, Samuel C. Berger, PC can help you achieve your legal goals related to lease/termination agreements, releases for residential, commercial, or industrial real estate, or with representation or assistance in buying, selling, or transferring a property, as well as buying or selling mortgages.

Samuel C. Berger, PC is dedicated to the residents and the businesses of Teaneck. Visit www.bergerlaw.net for more information that can help you in Teaneck, NJ 07666.