West Orange, New Jersey

West Orange has experienced a steady growth in population in recent years. Known as a hotbed for mass-media industries, West Orange is home to the first movie studio in the United States, Edison's Black Maria, as well as numerous communications companies. It is no surprise that as West Orange keeps up a steady hum of progress, its residents will have a variety of legal needs, from business to personal. West Orange residents can trust that the Law Office of Samuel C. Berger, PC possesses the experience necessary to handle a multitude of legal issues.

Estate, Tax Planning, and Divorce Law

We all need to plan for the future, and West Orange NJ 07052 residents are no exception. Attorney Samuel C. Berger has the experience needed to assist you and your family with any next steps you may need. West Orange residents deserve a lawyer who fights for their best interests. The Law Office of Samuel C. Berger can help you with representation for contested wills, seeking or changing power of attorney, creating or modifying trusts, life insurance matters, estate planning, and business succession planning. Berger Law's talented tax attorneys are also experienced with IRS disputes, New Jersey payroll audits, Department of Labor audits, sales tax audits, worker's compensation audits, corporate tax returns, partnership tax returns, or individual tax returns. Samuel C. Berger, PC is well-versed in divorce law needs, and will provide you zealous representation in the event of divorce (contested and non-contested), child support calculations, property settlement agreements, and financial asset evaluation before or during a divorce.

Real Estate Law

West Orange and its growing arts district have both family and metropolitan appeal within Essex County and beyond. With new additions such as Edison Village – named for West Orange's famed one-time resident Thomas Edison – West Orange continues to offer a breadth of commercial and residential real estate opportunities. At just 12 miles from Newark International Airport and 16 miles from Manhattan, a variety of commercial interests as well as families looking to move closer to the city have their eye on the West Orange real estate market. Let Samuel C. Berger, PC dedicate his expertise to your real estate needs, no matter what they may be, including lease or termination agreements and releases for residential, commercial, or industrial real estate; buying, selling, or transferring a property; or buying or selling mortgages.

Business and Corporate Law

West Orange and the telecommunications industry have been synonymous for some time. Additionally, as West Orange experiences population growth, new entrepreneurs are starting businesses catering to the diverse needs of West Orange residents. As an attorney with over 25 years of corporate and small business experience, lawyer Samuel C. Berger knows that West Orange companies may be experiencing growing pains or legal upsets. However, business and corporate clients, as well as aspiring business owners, can be rest assured that Berger Law is prepared to draft shareholder agreements, partnership contracts, employee agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure contracts, and licensing agreements. Berger Law can also assist with incorporation for your business, ABC licenses/liquor licenses, contract reviews, planning a board application, buying, selling, or transferring a business, changing business ownership, or changing a business name or address. Whether you are headed to court or to the negotiating table, Berger Law can skillfully represent you in commercial disputes, partnership shareholder disputes, contract negotiations, and corporate and LLC representations.

Employment and Immigration Law

The mass media and telecommunications industries in West Orange no doubt are scouting for talent around the world as well as here in the United States. Don't let the morass of federal immigration laws deter your business from hiring the best person for the job. Samuel C. Berger, Attorney at Law, can give your industry expert legal advice on all things concerning immigration law. Individuals desiring to sponsor visas, or to obtain visas themselves, also have a friend in lawyer Samuel C. Berger. Berger Law helps immigrants by helping to secure green cards, permanent residency, family-based visas, Form I-130, Form I-129, waivers, removal of condition, temporary green cards, adjustment of status, and we can help represent you or a family member in removal or deportation proceedings. Employers can trust Berger Law for employment-based visas, including EB1, EB2, EB3, and EB5 visas, PERM applications, Department of Labor applications, non-immigrant visas, priority dates, Form I-140, Form I-1485, intra-company visas (such as L-1, L-1A, L-1B), and work visas for your prospective employees such as H-1B, H1B1, and E-3 visas. Samuel C. Berger, PC, is also well-versed in non-immigration employment law matters, such as termination agreements, non-compete or non-disclosure contracts, and employee agreements.

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