Access and Exercise Program (Existing Clients)

Experience Secured Access to Your Lawyer

Connect with your lawyer in a guaranteed way, explore solutions to your legal problems and mentally exercise (implement) these solutions while you are physically exercising. During the week, when you have time for physical exercise whether it is walking on a stair-stepper, jogging, running on a treadmill, or cycling, now you can use your free time to mentally exercise with your attorney Sam Berger. Let’s utilize your free mental exercise time by exploring solutions to your legal issues and then strategizing the implementations of these solutions.

  • Access and Exercise Program applies to existing clients only. Please contact our office to schedule a free session with your attorney Sam Berger.

  • The call is limited to 15 minutes per session. Longer time periods are available as regular fixed fee based meetings with your attorney Sam Berger.

  • Access and Exercise Program times are limited. If you are a new client, please click here.